Three Compelling Arguments For Continuing Your Job Search During the Holidays

Holiday season is upon us. This little window of time is essential for networking and keeping your job search active online if you’re looking for work.

Contrary to popular belief, hiring is still ongoing over the holiday season, even if it isn’t as active. Due to the large number of job searchers who take a vacation from their job search, a slower holiday season for some firms means more time for hiring and possibly less competition for open positions.

Hiring managers are looking to increase their budgets before the end of the year, therefore November and December are favourable months to hunt for a job. Of course, the drawback is that there are fewer jobs available. But for job seekers who are becoming discouraged with their job search, there is a good chance that the ideal position could be just around the corner. The employment process is affected by seasonality component, and you should make the most of it.


Here are three reasons for continuing your job search over the holidays:

  • Are those positions still available online?

Since you may still apply, it is clear that they are still seeking employees. Resumes are still being gathered by employers. Additionally, some job listings have automatic expiration dates that must be observed in order to preserve your opportunity. Consider applying.

  • Additionally, there are fewer job seekers

Your competitors aren’t now seeking for jobs since they are too busy attending Christmas parties and visiting their relatives in Vancouver. There will be less applications, which increases the likelihood that the recruiter will check your application if they are working as there will be a smaller volume of resumes to review.

  • There are fewer people working at your target company 

but the corporate recruiter might be one of them. The holiday season is a time for HR to catch up. Since most of the hiring managers are away, recruiters have a chance to review applicants without as much disruption. From HR point of view, it is said with confidence that the holidays are very fruitful for finding and vetting prospects and gathering packages of resumes for hiring managers to review after New Year’s Day.