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Who We Are

Operating as an independent employment service since 1998, 1st Choice Staffing Ltd is dedicated to establishing solid partnerships between clients, staff and candidates.
Our head office team possess over 30 years of combined expertise in all aspects of human resources; recruitment and placement; payroll services; and customer support.In today’s fast-paced and competitive economic environment finding the most suitable employees; refining your HR policies and practices; or streamlining your payroll systems can present a challenge and 1st Choice is here to help.

  • HRPAO and IAPA’s members

    Our agency is continually informed of changes in government legislation and workplace safety that directly affect our industry, and yours. This expertise enables us to respond quickly and professionally to all of your needs.
  • Equal opportunity employer

    We do not discriminate in the acceptance or referral of candidates and we observe all federal, provincial and local laws and regulations with regards to hiring, employment and payment.
  • Premier service provider

    We continue to grow and expand because we value and exemplify integrity, honest communication and exceptional customer service.

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