Warehouse jobs range from entry-level general labourer positions to roles for qualified candidates. Warehouse jobs come with adaptable scheduling and require you to lift a certain weight or use any equipment, which commonly includes physical work. The different job roles offered by the warehouse industry include general labour, warehouse operatives, packers, forklift truck drivers and counterbalance drivers, not to mention the scores of admin, logistics, and management. 

Warehouse workers perform many duties including receiving and processing many stocks and equipment, filling, packing, shipping and loading orders. Warehouse workers also assemble orders, pull materials, pack boxes, place orders, and manage and retrieve stock. 

What Skills Do You Need to Get the Warehouse Job?  

One of the most well-known traits of working in a warehouse environment is fitness. It’s important to ensure that you follow a healthy lifestyle to facilitate your maintained fitness. To perform the duties of a warehouse worker, you may learn to use a variety of equipment, including hand-held scanners, computers and printers, and forklifts. You need to have the proficiency to read and understand the information written on picking sheets and instructions. Your extent of mobility is important to assure you can do your work safely. Efficient skillset such as teamwork, coordination, data entry skills, inventory skills, equipment maintenance etc is crucial to performing well at the workplace.                                                                                               

How Can We Help?  

For Job Seekers:    

We have 30 years of understanding in the trenches of several industries. We have extensive knowledge of the insights and trends of the market which helps in recognising candidates’ aspirations. We will help you in identifying and setting up the most effective channels with the help of our vast network. We adapt the latest technology, insider knowledge, and flexible staffing preferences to improve productivity and get you a best-suited job.  We can help you to connect with highly skilled warehouse workers who can meet your expectations and help you make excellent hiring decisions. 

For Employers:   

With decades of experience, 1’st Choice Staffing has been helping many organisations from different industries to find the right candidates with valid skillsets. With the help of advent technology, we continuously strengthen our database with a wide pool of actively looking and passive candidates. Our transparent recruitment process allows you to have a clear vision of matching candidates with the required skillsets.  Our extensive network of contacts, combined with an intricately woven string of workflows gives us an unrivalled power to locate, assess and identify the best candidates for each mandate. We have tie-ups with several warehouse companies across and to fill the roles as per the qualification, knowledge and skills of the candidate.