Administrative jobs have seen several shifts in the workplace over the years. The administrative roles involve a broad range of responsibilities in which professionals are required to perform administrative duties. The professionals oversee undertakings across their organization’s office. They are accountable for welcoming visitors, organizing meetings and appointments and conducting several administrative projects. The evolution of technology is continuing to shift the roles of admin tasks such as planning appointments, answering phones, welcoming visitors, and maintaining organized file systems for the organization. These professionals are not only expected to deliver clerical support, such as typing and answering phones, but they must also know about technology, accounting and marketing. The jobs offered by the administrative sector are office assistants, clerks, assistants, accountants, receptionists, secretaries, and office managers.     

What Skills Do You Need to Get the Administrative Jobs?  

There are several administrative jobs out there, each with its own unique set of abilities and core skills. The jobseeker must know how to use office equipment like printers and fax machines. Some of the main responsibilities needed to do best in this job are: Sending out emails, completing research projects of competitors, answering and forwarding phone calls, and contest-related overservice tasks such as placing orders for consumers and explaining products and services. Candidates that possess tech-related skills are highly sought-after in today’s job market.   

How Can We Help? 

For Job Seekers:   

We have 30 years of understanding in the trenches of several industries. We have the extensive knowledge of the insights and trends of the market which helps in recognising candidates’ aspirations. We will help you in identifying and setting up the most effective channels with the help of our vast network. We adapt the latest technology, insider knowledge, and flexible staffing preferences to improve productivity and get you a best-suited job.  We have a good understanding of what administrative recruiters are looking at in terms of skills, so we can guide you with that.   

For Employers:  

With decades of experience, 1’st Choice Staffing has been helping many organisations from different industries to find the right candidates with valid skillsets. 

We have a big database of job seekers who are actively looking for administrative jobs, So, you don’t have to start from scratch with us. We get the job offer from you and reach out to our existing qualified candidates. Also, With the help of advent technology, we continuously strengthen our database with a wide pool of actively looking and passive candidates. Our transparent recruitment process allows you to have a clear vision on matching candidates with the required skillsets. 

Our extensive network of contacts, combined with intricately woven string of workflows gives us an unrivalled power to locate, assess and identify the best candidates for each mandate.