Payroll Programs

Designated Payroll Employees:

Seamless, convenient, and cost-effective

This is an option when:

  • you are hiring an independent contractor or someone that you sourced directly for a particular project, and you want to ensure that you are in compliance with all statutory requirements;
  • you are recalling retired or past employees for special projects without placing them back on YOUR company payroll;
  • you are hiring students or seasonal workers and do not want the administrative burden of placing them on your in-house payroll system;
  • you want to add staff but limit headcount and benefit costs while you determine if you have a permanent need for additional personnel.

Fully Managed Payroll Service:

A simple and economical solution when you don’t have the time, the expertise, or the staff to do it in-house. It’s quick to implement, easy to use and there is no contract required so it’s risk-free.

Benefits include:

  • Compliance and accuracy. Maintaining sufficient expertise in payroll system knowledge and legislation is time-consuming and a burden for in-house staff. By outsourcing your payroll to 1stChoice you can be confident that we have expert knowledge relevant to all payroll matters.
  • Confidentiality. Outsourcing your payroll allows your information to stay confidential, secure, and not seen by anyone not permitted.
  • Time savings. Your minimum involvement in the payroll process leaves you time to focus on other important aspects of growing and running your business.

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